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Classic Rock Art

Who Art You?

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Artwork by Classic Rock Fans
Welcome to classicrockart!This community is designed to allow LJers to share their classic rock related artwork with other artists or people who just appreciate artwork and classic rock.


In order to view entries, you must be a member of this community. But don't join just yet! Make sure you read the Rules and Regulations post first!! After reading it, feel free to join and contribute your artwork or just enjoy the works of others!

Basic Rules
1. Be nice. If you don't like someone's artwork, either keep your mouth shut, or offer constructive criticism. Don't be all "You draw like a 3 year old and my cat can do better than that," or else, BANNED.

2. All images, save previews, must be behind a cut. Look under the Posting guidelines for more info.

3. If it's not classic rock related in any way, shape, or form, it does not belong here.

4. Yes, music is an "art" but not the kind of art we're looking for. Don't post songs you've written, covered, etc.

5. In general, no videos. Again, this is an artwork community. Only under certain circumstances will videos be allowed, such as a news video about a celebrity/rock star art gallery or perhaps those cool timelapsed art videos. But please check with one of the mods first before posting a video to make sure it's okay. And if you do get permission, please put the video under a cut.

6. Language: Bad language is allowed, I don't really care, but don't use it as a weapon. Offensive language cannot be used to deliberately insult or harrass another member. Unless it's playful jest, don't insult others with obscenity.

7. If you have more than one piece of artwork to post on a given day, post it all in one entry rather than giving each piece a post. This prevents spamming of members' friends pages and email inboxes. Generally, keep your posting down to one entry every two days unless absolutely necessary.

For the rest of the Rules and Regulations, please see this post!!!




If you would like to affilate with us, make sure you are a member and see this post.